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Key to Abbreviations
Family Genus Species Description Per pkt Per 100 Per gram Per seed / unit Picture
Melianthaceae Melianthus comosus 2m shrub, curious reddish-brown fl Sp, inflated fruits, attractive foliage has strange smell when touched. Sow Au. Zone 7. US$ 3.50 Buy US$ 6.00 Buy    
Melianthaceae Melianthus major 2m shrub, large grey leaves, fl spikes with maroon bracts Sp, dampish places in dry areas, feature plant. Sow Au. Zone 7. US$ 3.50 Buy US$ 6.00 Buy    
Melianthaceae Melianthus villosus "Kruidjie-roer-my-nie", 2m shrub, attractive silver-grey leaves, purple black fl which look like wings of an insect Sp, pale green inflated fruit. Sow Sp. Zone 7. US$ 3.50 Buy US$ 6.00 Buy      

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